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Episode Summary

Join co-founders of AmpliFi Capital Corp Kevin Griffith and Nick Lipetzky as they embark on the inaugural episode of the Forward Looking Business podcast. In this episode, Kevin and Nick break down capital strategy and capital allocation and provide best practices for implementing these into your business. They expound on the importance of vision, the roles of a great CEO and how companies can reach their capital allocation needs.

What We Covered

  • 05:09 – How to define Capital Strategy
  • 09:32 – Explaining the practice of Capital Allocation
  • 12:09 – The role of a great CEO and best practices for implementing proper capital strategy using capital allocation
  • 16:53 – The fundamental purpose and intent of the stories told on this podcast

Tweetable Quotes

“Generally speaking, capital allocation and capital strategy should be applied to any part of your business. But what we’re talking about is a segment of business in the orbital market that is maybe underserved when it comes to information like this.”

“Capital allocation is the practical implementation of your capital strategy.”

“I think increasing the value of your business is what every CEO wants to do. And that can take on many different forms: revenue growth, profit growth. Not all revenue and profits are created equal and that’s something CEOs should understand as well. Value comes in many different shapes and sizes.”

“Ya know, the stories that we’ll talk about, it’s not just about capital allocation or capital strategy. It’s as much about that as it is seeing a need in the market and trying to meet that need or seeing how the use of business changes the fabric of society.”

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