Why is AmpliFi’s Modern Office of Finance Better?

A Results-Focused Service

Our people, process, and technology are interlaced to create a more effective office of finance. We not only meet the demands of aggressive growth found in established lower, mid-market, and venture-backed startups; we accelerate growth by bringing structure, clarity, and focus.

Increasing Value of Business

The only reason the office of finance exists is to identify resources (money and information) then assist the CEO in allocating these resources.

How do we know it’s working? When the value of the business increases. We’ll even tie our compensation to this metric… we’re that serious. Seriously.

It’s More Affordable

No joke. Our solution brings the best aspects of finance and analytics at a fraction of the cost. But not a fraction of the service. We don’t believe you should get a part of a person so we’ve built a service that flexes to your needs.

We’re not your typical service provider.

We offer so much more than the standard roster that accounting and finance consists of.

To deliver the best service and results, we’ve taken a slice out of various business models to deliver you a new unique solution.

The Modern Office of Finance is built to solve today’s capital allocation challenges

A wholistic data-driven service outperforms current staff augmentation market solutions by building a solution to today’s data management and finance challenges.

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