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Episode Summary

In this episode of Forward Looking Business, Kevin and Nick discuss the process of transition as a CEO and as an organization. They provide best practices for undergoing a successful transition from a managing CEO to an ambitious CEO with a strong vision. Finally, Kevin and Nick expound on the importance of proper delegation and creating a seamless web of deserved trust.

What We Covered

  • 00:41 – Kevin and Nick introduce today’s topic, transition
  • 05:20 – Kevin analyzes the two key responsibilities of a great CEO and provides an ideal example for listeners to consider
  • 12:34 – Best practices for CEOs to master the process of transition
  • 16:09 – Kevin speaks to what success looks like for a CEO or an organization to undergo transition
  • 21:14 – How to create a seamless web of deserved trust
  • 26:19 – The importance of proper delegation especially when it comes to capital allocation

Tweetable Quotes

“I like this concept. I like talking about this transition because I think it separates the ambitious CEO from the managing CEO. One that wants to grow and scale a business to capture a larger vision versus one that is managing a business.”

“You always want your CEO to understand the customers that you serve better than they know themselves. That way you’ll have unique insight into the market so you can continue to create value.”

“The business or business is a lot of little decisions every day mixed with a couple of really big decisions. And, those few big decisions should always come from the CEO.”

“In my opinion, success looks like a dynamic process. And what I mean by that is, there is this concept of a budget that you do once a year and then you kinda reference it but once you become really off budget nobody ever pays attention to it anymore. Or a concept of a strategic plan where you create this great big deck and then you stick it on a shelf, and it collects dust. To me, success is making those things come to alive in an organization.”

“You’ve created a seamless web of deserved trust. And, really what that means is you can go to sleep at night knowing that have picked up the slack. That there’s no stone unturned, that while you’re out there thinking about the future of the business and where you want to go and deals you want to make, the operators of your business have it covered.”

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