Get forward-focused to achieve growth. With an interim or fractional CFO from AmpliFi, your organization will be better equipped to emerge in the changing economy.

Fort Worth has nearly doubled in population since the start of the 21st century, and with that rapid growth local business has scaled and evolved. With outsourced CFO services from AmpliFi, you can prepare for the future with forward-focused solutions that will help you achieve short-term goals while setting up long-term success.

AmpliFi will assemble your financial information electronically to simplify and organize data in a logical manner so you can make informed decisions. With that, your fractional or interim CFO will provide you with monthly deliverables that may include:

1. Managerial Reporting – Includes dashboards centered on KPIs and what drives the economics of a business.
2. Financial Statement Analysis – A review of financial statements to provide insights on trends and performance related to benchmarks.
3. Cash Management – Work with your internal accounting team to optimize cash operations and provide detailed cash forecasts.
4. Working Capital Management – Optimize terms on accounts receivable, accounts payable, and inventory purchases to keep the working capital needs of your business front and center.
5. Annual Budgets – Provide the future fiscal year budget, by line item, vendor and customer/product broken down by month.
6. Forecasts – After each month-end close, get a projection of financial statements for the next month, quarter and year.
7. Revenue Model – Get a bottoms-up approach to modeling how a company earns revenue by isolating key drivers, including price and volume estimates, possibly by product, division, geography, etc.
8. Cost of Goods Sold Model – A bottoms-up approach to modeling the key cost drivers of a business. Cost of goods sold (COGS) refers to the direct costs of producing the goods sold by a company.
9. Benchmarking – Analysis of payroll, marketing costs, and margin and profitability levels against market benchmarks.
10. Monthly Financial Summary – The Monthly Business Review (MBR) summary utilizes various financial and performance reports to inform you of current and anticipated company health with insights and trends.

Your competitive advantage is your key to growth. An identified and clearly articulated moat will focus your organizational efforts. Your outsourced CFO from AmpliFi can connect your budget to your strategy, then track and report on the performance during the Monthly Business Review. Identify and make potential adjustments for the quarter using the data and feedback provided by your interim or fractional CFO.

1. Identify value proposition and vision.
2. Articulate key activities.
3. Understand your company’s competitive environment.
4. Build department roadmaps that drive forward strategic objectives.
5. Align roadmaps with financial and human capital to ensure success.

Companies that link strategy to their budgets while incorporating employee goals and business priorities see rewards. Data-driven organizations can gain structure and accountability when given visibility into activities. AmpliFi’s approach enables:

1. Deliberate Action Toward Vision – CEOs cast the vision and set priorities; the c-suite aligns activities to the provided direction.
2. Productivity Optimization – Access tools that manage and guide efficiency by measuring activities, capacity and utilization.
3. Invested Team – Empowered and independent leadership teams, with accountability and focus.
4. Key Decisions Linked to Long-Term Financials – Continuous attention aimed at financial goals.
5. Dynamic Reporting – Enable key decisions and meeting cadence around organizational objectives.
6. Enterprise Level Data – Next-generation tech allows organizational data to be leveraged.

Learn how your organization functions through a finance lens, enabling you to speak the language of capital providers while taking the complexity out of capital markets.

1. Capital Needs Assessment – Equity, debt, factoring, or another form of capital will be assessed and matched with your plans for future growth, risk factors and eligibility.
2. Story and Collateral – Your strategic and financial story of where you’re going and how you’ll get there will depend on the historical detail and support for forecasted profitability. Your AmpliFi outsourced CFO will develop the narrative and provide formal decks with financial models and other supporting documents.
3. Transaction Management and Negotiation – Led by experienced professionals, your search for funds will be on a level playing field when you’re sitting next to your Capital Director and Corporate Finance Director.
4. Capital Partner Discovery – AmpliFi identifies and examines prospective capital providers using our existing and ever-growing roster of providers. When needed, we’ll search beyond our network to ensure proper exposure for your deal.
5. Outreach and Engagement – Contact management and ongoing communication administered by AmpliFi.
6. Secure Data Room – Organize, manage documents, and allow access to key prospects and partners.

Not your typical Fort Worth service provider

Fort Worth has a lot of charm and history to enjoy, but when it comes to business you want to be at the cutting edge. AmpliFi is committed to your success and understanding your business needs — no matter how simple or complex they may seem. With our approach, your interim or fractional CFO can provide you with a forward-focused blueprint, consisting of an easy-to-understand roadmap and customized solutions enabling you to address today’s challenges and unlock tomorrow’s goals.

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“I had all these insights and ideas that I knew would transform my business, but distilling it down to a narrative to execute on was proving to be challenging. AmpliFi solved that problem.” 

– Jonathan Hoff, CEO Monte Vista Farming

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Nimble and innovative, our fractional and interim CFOs separate themselves from competitors by providing finance solutions and essential monthly deliverables that provide real value without contracts or long-term commitments.

If you want to achieve sustainable, long-term success, AmpliFi’s outsourced CFO services may be right for you. Whether you are a small startup looking for finance literacy or a medium-sized organization concerned with reaching an inflection point, an interim or fractional CFO from AmpliFi can bring you structure, clarity and expertise that inspires confidence while providing peace of mind.

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