Monte Vista is a $100m+ business that is hitting an inflection point both in its life and during the life of the almond industry. It’s a case of when preparedness meets opportunity. They are the first bottleneck in the supply chain, and it is rather hard to do what they do at scale. This market position opens ample opportunity, but there was no roadmap or partnership in place to help them get there.


Monte Vista knew where it wanted to go, our Business Capital Management focused in on the competitive advantages and industry dynamics of the business to understand why. Once we had that in hand, it was time to have the numbers do the storytelling through a rather complex financial model. We then locked in on who would be the right partner and what would be the right deal to move the business forward – and pushed to the goal. After the business has the resources in place to execute on the strategy, we will be there every step of the way to ensure Monte Vista is investing in the opportunity.


100% EBITDA increase

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“I had all these insights and ideas that I knew would transform my business, but distilling it down to a narrative to execute on was proving to be challenging. AmpliFi solved that problem.” 

– Jonathan Hoff, CEO Monte Vista Farming