AmpliFi empowers Minneapolis’s most ambitious CEOs with forward-looking finances that chart the way to a more profitable and stable future.

Knowing where to invest and where to scale back is a difficult balance for any business to strike. Many CEOs in Minneapolis are limiting their potential when they make their financial decisions based solely on the information provided by their accounting teams—and though past performance is critical information, having financial forecasts to provide an understanding of where your money is going and where it will make the most difference is critical for growth in today’s market.


Gain a competitive edge with unconventional outsourced CFO services, with a full team serving Minneapolis.

Instead of hiring an in-house financial team, working with an outsourced CFO for your Minneapolis business is a cost-efficient and effective way to identify the biggest areas of growth in your business. At AmpliFi, we work closely with CEOs and leadership teams to develop goals and KPIs—and most importantly, the path to achieving them. Our team knows the ins and outs of business growth, including common pitfalls and how to overcome them. If you’re tired of reacting to your business’s performance, this is your time to partner with a forward-looking non-traditional company that can provide fractional CFO services for your Minneapolis business. AmpliFi will help you prioritize your goals, snap you out of any ruts, and discover the true potential of your business.

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